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Habcheck is part of a group of privately owned businesses. All of our activities are concerned with motorhomes and caravans. And in fact, it was our other business activities that lead us to start Habcheck.

A part of our group deals with the buying and selling of motorhomes and caravans. Therefore, we have always needed habitation checks on a fairly regular basis, but not often enough to justify employing our own specialist engineer. This meant, just like all other motorhome and caravan owners, we needed to use the services of a commercial habitation service engineer.

It became apparent that finding and booking an engineer was very difficult, even for a business in the trade. As we began to speak to motorhome and caravan owners about this, it became clear that it was a wide spread problem. So much so in fact, that some owners were invalidating their warranties because they couldn’t get checks done in time to comply with the terms of their warranty.

On launching Habcheck, our research proved correct. From day one it has been inundated with business. The market really is crying out for a professional, national, well branded habitation check service. 

The People

Our group of motorhome and caravan businesses is run by four founding directors. They are all still active in the business on a day to day basis and you will meet them if you come to see us. This personal connection is very much reflected in the ethos of the company. Give customers what they want and treat them well. This brings repeat customers and referrals which is a great, long term way to grow a business.

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