Starting your own business requires investment. However, by joining us at Habcheck we are able keep the investment required to a minimum. Our buying power means we are able to source your vehicle, tools and equipment at the lowest price. Our marketing systems mean that you will be getting customers and income much quicker than if you were going it alone. Following our proven system means you won’t be making the expensive mistakes that most small businesses do in their early years.

As with all franchises we operate a system of initial and ongoing fees to cover the costs of the support we provide. The initial franchisee fee is £10,000 plus VAT.

The start-up package including all of your initial training and equipment is £10,000 plus VAT. So in total, you need £20,000 plus VAT to get started. You can either pay this as a single sum, or you may wish to take advantage of our payment plan and spread this over time.

In addition, as your business gets up to speed, there is likely to be an initial period where your income does not cover your outgoings. This will be different for everyone, but when you come to see us, we will speak about this at some length. It is important that together we build a full understanding or your financial position, if there is likely to be an income gap in the early days and how this can be supported. We will provide all of the information we can to help you make a fully informed decision.

Joining fee £10,000 plus VAT

  • A five year franchise agreement
  • Access to our proven business system
  • License to trade under the Habcheck brand
  • An exclusive territory

Start-Up Package £10,000 plus VAT

  • Initial internal training
  • Initial external training
  • Tools and equipment package
  • Branded clothing

Support services

  • Ongoing use of the Habcheck brand
  • Updated franchise manual and operating system
  • Central marketing and lead generation
  • Lead handling
  • Bookings and diary management
  • Payment collection and credit control
  • Head office support
  • Regulatory updates
  • Continued business innovation and development

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