The second franchise opportunity we offer under the Habcheck brand is for repairs engineers.

Our habitation check engineers do thousands of inspections a year. Not surprisingly, in the course of this work they uncover many repairs that need attention. Our service engineers provide an impartial report and so do not offer repairs. In addition their schedules do not allow time for repairs. This leaves our customers with the problem of sourcing a repair. Our solution is to provide a repairs service via a separate team of Habcheck mobile repairs engineers. This is where you come in.

The role of a repair engineer is very different from that of a service engineer in that every job is different. Sometimes the problem will already be apparent and possibly diagnosed during a Habcheck service. Sometimes a customer will just contact us with a problem that has to be found and diagnosed.

Again, this is a work from home, van based mobile service. Enquiries are generated by us and our telesales team deal with the initial contact to assess the customer’s requirements – that is to say the enquiries are pre-qualified so that you don’t waste time going to unsuitable jobs.

What skills and experience do you need to be a repairs engineer? Well, you don’t need specific motorhome and caravan experience. There is extensive training to bring you up to speed on the technical aspects of motorhomes and caravans. But most importantly, you need to be a good all-round practical person, and some experience of electrical and plumbing work would definitely be an advantage.

One of the major benefits of operating under the Habcheck name is that you are able to charge an hourly fee commensurate with a professional, national brand. There are plenty of white van operators in the market – our customers want to deal with a company like ours and are happy to pay for the peace of mind a national brand offers.

The next step is to get in touch and we’ll chat through the role and your experience to find the common ground and help you get a feel for whether this might be for you.

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